Jumpimg ship

John Dryden
30th September 2009, 23:26
Did anyone actually jump ship and stay there,I wonder because I lost count of regretfull jumpers joining the ship on the pilot boat.

John Dryden
30th September 2009, 23:28
Dodgy keyboard m too close to n.

1st October 2009, 00:49
My one experience of a Bankline jumper was on the Beaverbank in Nola.
This was an Appy who had cherchez-ed la femme and decided to jump ship in - wait for it - Port Sulphur.
He was rounded up in double quick time and placed in our hospital under lock, key and armed guard whilst we loaded at Harmony Street. Just before sailing he was removed ashore presumably to be prepped for deportation. Never did find out the end of the story.

Phil Saul
1st October 2009, 02:03
Did anyone actually jump ship and stay there,I wonder because I lost count of regretfull jumpers joining the ship on the pilot boat.

Obviously they never jumped ship in Aussie or NZ as both countries are full of jumped seamen.
The only reason I gave myself up was that I had a Kiwi wife and daughter and wanted to make things kosher for them and start living and working under my own name.
Not that the cops were actively looking for me, so I could have been using my own name and as long as I kept my nose clean they would never have caught up with me.

Regards Phil (Thumb)

Alan Rawlinson
1st October 2009, 08:17
Lost a cabin mate who decided to 'jump ship' in New Plymouth N.Z. when we were apprentices together in 1955. He was a tall Geordie called White, I believe, and never have heard a word since. He gave me his excellent short wave radio prior to leaving.

Would be nice to know what happened, and if he stayed in NZ. Anyone out there????? Can you hear me, Major Tom....

1st October 2009, 09:49
Plenty of jumpers here.


2nd October 2009, 11:16
Sailed on the UK coast with an apprentice who later jumped ship in NZ. I met him in NZ where he was by then working for NZ Customs. He had given himself up, been deported, allowed back in and married the NZ women he had been with. Can't for the life of me remember his name - his father was an MN Master and was a bit ticked off.

I never jumped ship - just missed the boat in Sydney - rejoined in Adelaide with much moaning, wailing and nashing of teeth from the old man and mate!

2nd October 2009, 12:33
wonder if the NZ and OZE government would like to make a donation to the MN....For all the excellent populace given them by the MN....LOL

Donald McGhee
5th October 2009, 23:50
Hello there XRM?

Who are you and what ships did you sail on? I fit the bill, as I skinned out in NZ in late 1969, got deported, came back, worked for the Customs dept and married my girl, still together after 40 years. The description fits and please get back to me. Do you recall Sparrow, or Mick Monger? Both deck officers in Bank Line.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Stephen J. Card
6th October 2009, 00:03
My first three weeks as an apprentice were spent in drydock in Amsterdam in 1970. First night ashore , :-) , with the Jnr Engineer we met two nice girls. I made my way back to the ship in the wee hours. The Junior followed in time for 0800 start. He told me then that he was getting married! A few daays later I went aashjore with teh Senior Apprentice. We stopped to listen to a church group singing on a street corner. He introduced himselff to the minister, got himself invited to the house for dinner and ended up marrying the minister's daughter! Meanwhile, the Junior Engineeer jumped ship on our last night in port. He was deeported but came back to Amsterdam, married his young lady and, as far as I know, he lives there still.


6th October 2009, 08:57
Donald -- sent you an email