Captain William Mayne - The Camphill

7th October 2009, 12:57
Hi, I am wondering if anybody can fill in any details for me. I am researching my GGrandfather who was a ships captain, I have found him on the lloyds Register, I know he was Captain of 1 ship - The Camphill built Londonderry by Charles Bigger. It was owned by Squarey and Kendall in Liverpool (I haven't been able to find any details on these). The ship sank at Tumbes Chile 1906.
My Auntie was born on this ship. Capt. Mayne was born 1858 Belfast, father also William. This is all the details I have, I am very interested in anything else about The Camphill, any other ships Cpt. Mayne might have been on etc. One more thing I found out Captain Arthur Rostron was a mate (I think) on the Camphill when My Grandfather was with it.

I do not know any history about my Ggrandfather except he left home at 12 and went to sea, got his fathers name from his Wedding certificate.

Any help much, much appreciated.


7th October 2009, 15:15
I uploaded a photo to the gallery a few days ago, it shows a Captain Mayne on the ARCADIA, dont know if he is related.

7th October 2009, 15:50
Greetings Marg and welcome to SN on your first interesting posting. This is certainly the site to seek maritime information and may you get some answers. Bon voyage.

7th October 2009, 16:45
There is a William Mayne as master aboard the “Australcrag” on October 3rd 1917 aged 58 (making his DoB about 1859) he was engaged in Barry 20th September 1917 arriving New York 3rd October 1917

Roger Griffiths
7th October 2009, 18:06
You wrote
"I have found him on the lloyds Register"
Are you refering to Lloyds Captains Register?
The reason I ask is because he is mentioned in LCR with what seems to be a fairly comprehensive record of his career. It also give his certificate of service number C05215 passed in Liverpool.
There may be further records in the National Archive.

There was also a small entry in LCR for another William Mayne born Belfast 1857. I would however ignore this for the moment.


7th October 2009, 22:22
Welcome from Lancashire - I hope you enjoy the site.

8th October 2009, 08:14
Hi, thanks to everyone for replying and the welcome. I have sent the photo to my father, so waiting to a reply there. It is the Captains register I was talking about, and I presume he is the one with long list, but not sure how to find out any more details about that, as I live in France, I can't actually get over to look in person. The Australcrag sounds interesting, could you please explain to me what "engaged in Barry" actually means (sorry to sound thick, but a bit new to the maritime side of things), After speaking to my father last night, I find out he was sailing in the 1st world war and was torpedoed twice, whether that means the ships were actually hit I don't know.
Once again a big thank you.

8th October 2009, 09:52
Marg, "engaged in Barry", means just that. He is contracted to sign on a crew, store, load and sail the vessel. As well as trading to the vessel's owners instructions.

Roger Griffiths
8th October 2009, 17:20
Hello again,
Guildhall Library
can send you his records. You would need to ask the cost.


11th October 2009, 00:39
Not a lot more Marg, but the CAMPHILL was one of a series of steel barques built by the Foyle Shipyard, Charles J. Bigger. One of these was the CUPICA mentioned in John Mansefield's poem, Ships. The Camphill was built in 1889, yard no.14, for Squarey & Kendall, Liverpool and the CRAIGLANDS was also built for them in 1891. She was 1240 gross tons, 226'.0'' long x 36'.4'' wide x 21'.9'' deep. Sold in 1905 to J.& J. Rae & Co. and having left Talcahuano to go north and load a cargo of guano she stranded on a sunken rock while rounding the Tumbes Peninsula and was lost on the 6th Oct. 1906. Captain Arthur Henry Rostron who as master of the CARPATHIA rescued survivors from the TITANIC was indeed the mate on the new Camphill. Hope you find a lot more info, Charley

12th October 2009, 09:52
Hi, I have sent of for the records, but apparently they have been transferred to somwhere else, so waiting to here. Thanks Charley for your reply, I didn't know she had been sold. I have found a photo of her at otago harbour New Zealand, taken august 1901. I will put it on the photos part. There is a figure on the boat, could this be my Ggrandfather????

Regards Marg

Roger Griffiths
12th October 2009, 18:47
The Guildhall Library is undergoing a long awaited refurb. Personal researchers can view Lloyds Captains Register at the London Metropolitan Archive.
As soon as the refurb is complete LCR will be back at Guildhall library. It means you will wait a little longer for an answer.
May I ask what they quoted for a search?


13th October 2009, 07:38
Hi, I'm afraid they haven't quoted me anything yet, as they have passed my query along to the relevant people, still waiting to here.


16th October 2009, 11:19
Hi Roger, I have received a reply from the London Metropolitain archives, and they have quoted me a price of 40 per hour. I think this will have to wait for the time being or until I can get over to England!


Roger Griffiths
16th October 2009, 17:52
Thank you Marge.
Seems another institution cranking up it's price's as a result of the ecomomic situation.


6th April 2011, 03:40
Dear Marg

I noticed your enquiry if anyone new about the Camphill.

My Grandfather was onboard the vessel when she sank.

I have a newspaper article in which he refers to it.

I will see if I can attach to this email for your information

My Granfather's name was John James Jones and he was the ship's carpenter.

He eventually arrived in Australia in another ship (name unknown) and settled in Wallaroo in South Australia

Hope you receive this one day....