Mars Project Rfa's To Be Built Abroad?

stevo r6 86
7th October 2009, 15:56
due to lack of space in the BAE shipyards because of the TYPE 45'S and the new carriers,it looks increasingly likely that the new RFA'S will be built outside the uk with several bidders.(MAD)

Pat Thompson
7th October 2009, 19:05

"Lord send a man like 'Robbie Burns' to sing a song of steam". I'm going to the pub and if there is anybody else near Mickleton (Barnard Castle) the pints on me (Note pint).

7th October 2009, 20:50
Because EU competition rules require all tenders to be offered to all EU countries except for warships.
There will be plenty of space at BAE when the carriers get cancelled.(Pint)