Searching for SS Rook / Samoa

Nish Kampfner
11th October 2009, 18:56
Hi there...looking for any information or pictures on SS Rook aka as Samoa - ran onto rocks at Clipperau Point near Holyhead on October 4, 1925.

This is the sister ship of SS Robin, she'd have been built & launched at the same time as Robin, 1889/1890....thanks N

ian d.cameron
11th October 2009, 20:35
Canít find much on her at all, but there is plenty on SS ROBIN

ted nutt
11th February 2010, 09:23
Nish,will check further but have a rook blt 1890 ON98153.Ted

ted nutt
11th February 2010, 15:01
Nish,blt by R Thompson,London #25 for his own account
1895 Sold to J Carter,London(Exmouth)
1916 Sold toMickleham S.S Co(H.Harrison)London Re Mickleham
1916 Sold to Tom W Smyth L/don Re Samoa
1919 Sold to Owen H Donnelly L/don (dublin)
1925 Sold to T Jenkins ltd L/don
4/10/1925 Wrecked off Clippera Pt o.v Charlestown to Preston,china clay
143.0x22.7x11.0 Engine T.3Cy.12",18"&30"-21" by Gourlay Bros Dundee