Death at sea: Cast Seal

14th October 2009, 13:44
I have posted the following in various forums on this site without success. However, I have been advised to post here:

I am an ex Marconi R/O with a specific enquiry. I would be obliged to anyone who could direct me to the appropriate Forum or, indeed, provide relevant info themselves.

I was R/O on the MV Cast Seal (Denholm Maclay Co). Time period: 22.11.79 (Antwerp) to 31.1.80 (Rotterdam). On leaving the Great Lakes we anchored off of of a port, the name of which, and the reason for which I cannot remember. This was for a short time. During this time a great tragedy occured whereby the 1st Mate George (?Surname?) went over the side into the water. I was in the radio-room just aft of the bridge at about 1000. I heard a hulabaloo and went out onto the bridge-wing where the captain and others were looking down at and calling to George who was, as I remember, floating with his arms over a floating rope-ladder. His head was up at that stage and he had a skidoo suit on. He was then about 100ft off the starboard bridgewing and drifting astern rapidly. According to my memory, a series of events - inability to get lifeboats lowered/started, sudden blizzard arriving, and delay in getting shoreside help, the misfortunate man was not at that time recovered alive or dead. My last view of him was about 300 ft astern of the ship as the blizzard came down. We sailed on the following day. I paid-off in Rotterdam understanding that there was to be an enquiry held by the relevant authoities in Antwerp.

I have never known what the official outcome/explanation was for the man's death. I remember him as a nice, unassuming guy.

I would be very glad to get any relevant information on the tragedy or any pointers to where I might go for info.