US Destroyers at Normandy.

20th October 2009, 11:10
I have read, somewhere, in an unknown title, of a US destroyer that having suffered damage to one of her external 'A' brackets, was dry-docked in the Plymouth Naval Dockyard for repairs, immediately prior to the D-day landings.
However the demand for close in gun-fire support required that the destroyer be despatched across the Channel, on one screw, - and minus a tail shaft, and with the stern-tube blanked-off - and not finally replaced until about 10 days later.
Has anyone else heard of this incident, and if so, 'name that ship'
I would presume to suggest that the ship was most probably a 'Fletcher', or a 'Sumner' type, as there were several engaged during D-day operations.

I look forward to some 'feed-back'