Cormo Express - livestock carrier

Jan Hendrik
2nd October 2005, 06:40
This vessel is owned by Livestock Express , a division of Vroon Shipping in Breskens, The Netherlands.

The fate of her cargo got worlwide attention followed by political debates in Australia about the transport of live sheep.

Here an excerpt of the story:
Cormo Express sailed from Fremantle on August 5th, arriving on schedule at its discharge port Jeddah on August 21st. There the sheep were rejected after local authorities claimed too many of the animals were infected with scabby mouth. Subsequently, independent veterinarians found that there was no evidence of any infectious disease among the sheep. The vessel left the port of Shuwaikh on the 16th October with initial instructions to sail for the Cocos Islands. In the meantime the Australian Government, as cargo owners, continued to seek alternative discharge ports. Since the departure from Fremantle, 5,578 animals have sadly died, mainly as a result of heat stress whilst waiting in port.

Vroon are extremely pleased that this difficult situation has finally been resolved which brings to an end the unacceptable distress imposed on the animals as a consequence of the prolonged voyage. This resolution comes as a result of constructive dialogue between the Australian and Eritrean governments.

We would like to thank our master, officers and crew for their highly professional conduct throughout this trying and stressful period. Their conduct deserves nothing but praise.

M.V. Cormo Express, 11 Deck livestock carrier, Built 1979 as a RO/RO ferry, converted in 1989 to carry livestock, Length 175.9m Beam 26.5m Draft 8.9m, Philippines Flag, Classed by Bureau Veritas.

The managers of the vessel Cormo Express are pleased to announce that the cargo of 52,000 sheep have been unloaded in Massawa, Eritrea. This follows official instruction by the vessel's charterer.

Distributed by PR Newswire on behalf of VROON

The photos were taken in Fremantle July 2003 during which time the vessel also changed flags, from Dutch to Philippine flag, thereby it was the last livestock vessel of Vroon losing Dutch registration.

All photos copyright by jdj

These photos show the loading of sheep in Fremantle. Some more to follow with next post.

Jan Hendrik
2nd October 2005, 06:54
Hereby the change of flags by Captain Zijlstra.

Vroon Shipping always pays very good attention to shipboard maintenance and especially the holds where sheep are gathered .

Recently there was a name change as well and the vessel is now called: Merino Express.

photos copyright: jdj

Jan Hendrik
2nd October 2005, 07:04
Last series of photos.