T2 Tanker in Burlington Ontario

2nd October 2005, 15:57
Hi everyone

Coming back from Niagara Falls yesterday on the QEW, I noticed what appeared to be aT2 Tanker or similar in the Port of Burlington. She appeared to be laid up but in a preserved state. Black hull, white superstructure and blue funnel with a deep white band.I was unable to stop to take a photo but maybe someone can help. Thanks

17th February 2006, 13:44
There is a an old tanker in Hamilton on the left as you go up the QE it fits your description but it isnt a T2 its a lot smaller and it has been used for storing bunkers.

Bruce Carson
17th February 2006, 14:21
This may be the tanker in question:


Bruce C.

18th February 2006, 19:24
You hit it right on the head Bruce.that's the one but it's only half the size of a T2.

18th February 2006, 20:58
Imperial Sarnia. the other on is the Ex-Varangnes and Ungava Transport (Halco)

18th February 2006, 21:07
You got it mate.

18th February 2006, 21:10
The cut off part of her living quarters though