Empire Gilden

2nd October 2005, 23:46
Ihope the memberes can help me with this one.
i have among my b/w prints, a copy of a photo of a ship with the words

EMPIRE GILDCN BR or gilden, gilocn, giloon.
taken 8/28/42 at anch I take it that means 28 august 1942
US AUTHORITY i think is on the bottom

my problem is that i can not find it in THE EMPIRE SHIPS second edition
nor on line

i have tried to scan the photo but having a little problem at moment but i hope someone will have an answer.
many thanks for now


22nd November 2005, 09:37
Empire ships
Have a look on Ted Finch's site
it could be
Guidon 7044 431 56 10 1942 MOWT
31.10.42 Torpedoed and sunk by U.504 at 30.10S 33.50E.

23rd November 2005, 12:11
Thank you Ray,
I have had a look at the website you mension, It gave me a target to start with.
I also have the book Empire Ships by W H Mitchell and L A Sawyer.

but i have now found a lot more info on http://uboat.net


25th August 2006, 17:23
Hi here is some info on the Empire Guidon built 1942 Grt 7,041 yard Furness S.B.Haverton Hill.Sunk by Sub.U504 30-10s- 33-50e on voyage U.K.To Alexandria crew member George Alvin order of the British Empire 12th April 1943 for courage,initative and Leadership hope this is of some help.

30th August 2006, 14:07
Thanks Rob

Sorry I hadnít noticed your message until now, I had thought this line was closed. But that bit of info is very handy.