Anyone able to identify this aircraft carrier please?

30th October 2009, 09:47
The capture is from the bridgecam aboard MSC Splendida cruise ship in Civitavecchia, Italy today. If anyone could put a name to the carrier berthed infront, it would be appreciated, thank you :)

Jim McFaul
30th October 2009, 10:48

30th October 2009, 14:27
Thanks for that possibility Jim, I have no idea which carrier it could be...I was going through the bridgecams as usual for the cruise site and came across the Splendida's view of the ship and thought if anyone, anywhere could identify her, it would probably be someone from here on SN :)

I have often found a variety of naval ships on the webcams and wondered who the ships belonged to and their names, this one was just unusual since it looks quite a recent build and I didn't think it was a British ship.

30th October 2009, 15:17
You have two choices. However my money would be on the Cavour (550) because of the mast radomes which are not present on the Giuseppe Garibaldi (551).
Cavour was originally slated to be called Andrea Doria and before that another name before they finally decided on current name.

30th October 2009, 15:36
Thanks Bob, the Cavour certainly does look to be the most similar in looks with the ship currently berthed in Civitavecchia.

2nd November 2009, 13:06
checking my data base definatly Cavour(Thumb)

2nd November 2009, 14:06
Thanks guys :)

She is still in Civitavecchia...currently with Costa Romantica berthed ahead of her.