3rd October 2005, 08:37
Anyone have a picture of the Liberian registered libertyship, ss Caspiana/ELCA possibly owned by Goulandris Bros?

3rd October 2005, 10:05
This should be her. (

Anson Jones1718 5.431943 WSA (Isthmian SS Co, NY)
1946 WSA (A.L.Burbank & Co, NY)
1946 LAPPLAND, Angfartygs A/B Tirfing, Swedish flag..
1950 CASPIANA, Steamship Co 1949, Liberian flag (Isbrandtsen Co, NY)
1951 Soc.Naviera Panmar, Panama - Liberian flag (Goulandris Bros, London)
1954 Palmyra Trading Corp - Liberian flag (same manager)
1960 same owner - Greek flag.
1969 Scrapped Shanghai.

3rd October 2005, 10:41

As always, I can't believe how quickly you are able to help members out with their queries. Brilliant!

3rd October 2005, 11:38
Ahoy Ray,

Just a question of luck, and using the brains(*))
Had a nice Birthday? Some good (Pint) ?

3rd October 2005, 15:00

Still recovering Mate! Let's just say I am a wee bit fragile!

Too much (Pint) I'm afraid. Should be fit again in time for my next Birthday.

See you!

3rd October 2005, 16:34
Ruud I have to agree with Gulpers... truly magic.
I almost did a pierhead jump in Hamburg to join this ship and always wondered what she actually looked like.
The derrick obscures the funnel a bit but the two tone could be yellow and blue with white star for Goulandris.
Many thanks..

John Rogers
3rd October 2005, 19:12
She looks good for an old Liberty Ship.

3rd October 2005, 20:01
This link will take you to another shot of the "Caspiana" with the following text Repro ID: P38030
Description: The 'Caspiana' in the Surrey Docks in February 1961. Originally the Liberty ship 'Anson Jones' (1943), she passed through several owners until she was scrapped in 1969. At the time of this photograph, she was owned by the Palmyra Trading Corporation.
Creator: Grierson
Date: 4 February 1961
Credit line: National Maritime Museum, London. Grierson Collection

4th October 2005, 06:48
Lovely shot Ray1buck1, beginning to regret not following through on that pierhead jump!
Bridge conversion possibly when she was owned by U.S. Isbrandsten of Flying Enterprise fame. Many thanks.