Tamamima (ex Crestbank) Sold For Scrap

3rd October 2005, 12:34

I'm just getting used to this site and I'm not sure where to post these kind of news snippets, so please bear with me. I originally posted this to the Bank Line forum, but I'm wondering if the company-specific forums are for uploading photos and writing subsequent comments. That's how they appear anyway.

It was only a matter of time, but the inevitable has happened. Buyers have paid $221/LDT 'as is' Falmouth for the Tamamima (ex Crestbank) for eventual demolition in India. She has been laid up on the River Fal for several years - take a look at my pics taken earlier this year:



neil marsden
3rd October 2005, 13:54
What a great shame, she has always looked to have been maintained in first class condition. A greater shame that she could have provided a seagoing training facility for the ever dwindling ranks of the British Merchant Navy, providing hands on experience for all disciplines, I guess that idea would be answered by 'the powers that be' with something like, 'we have computer simulators for that kind of thing!!' Oh really??

Neil Marsden

3rd October 2005, 16:20
Quite right Neil. Unfortunately there is no requirement for this type of ship anymore, In all fairness, if it wasn't for the eccentricity of the ship's owners, she probably would have been scrapped years ago.


3rd October 2005, 16:30
Ahoy Phil,

Nice shot of her, and you were right on the Windsor Castle, she is indeed the old Fingal
http://img346.imageshack.us/img346/8489/windsorcastleexfingaldata8sn.th.jpg (http://img346.imageshack.us/my.php?image=windsorcastleexfingaldata8sn.jpg)

Bob S
3rd October 2005, 19:18
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