Crew Lists.

3rd November 2009, 10:09
Hi Y'all
looking through my Greatgrandfathers photo's I found one of him in RNR uniform with two wavey stripes- Lieutenant or Skipper Lieutenant RNR. There was also a photo of the Lusitania at Liverpool landing stage.
His name was Peter Adams and he died pre 1914 at about the age of 52 and by family beliefs had a square ticket in steam and sail.
Question. is there any information available on the web re Cunard crew lists and voyages?
Cheers, Steve.

3rd November 2009, 10:50
Welcome aboard Steve 2 from Brisbane in Oz I am sure there is some one in the crew who will assist you, enjoy the trip.


david freeman
5th November 2009, 19:16
Hi Steve, Have you tried the Martime Museum In Liverpool. I think they may have records for the old White Star. Cunnard Shiiping Companies ships that saileled out of Liverpool. Good Luck. If Not Greenwich Maritime Museum, London.