SS Lawrence ex Bortonius

5th November 2009, 04:50
Does anyone know of any images, photo or paintings of the Vessel Lawrence? Or if any museum or collection who I can get in touch with.

The following details were recorded in Lloyd’s register of shipping:

Lawrence (ex. Bortonius) Official number 87369.

Type: Iron, 2-mast, twin screw cargo ship

Tonnage: 399 gross tons

Built: 1884 Kish Boolds & Co., Sunderland

Dimensions: Length:160 ft., Breadth:28 ft., Depth: 8.6 ft.


Dates Owner Port of registry

1885-1889 John See Sydney 21/1885

1889-1891 The Mokihinui Coal Co. Ltd. Sydney 21/1885

Fate: 28 April 1891 wrecked Mokihinui River Bar.

I have tried Maritime Museum in Australia, and I am Currently waiting for a reply from here in New Zealand as well.

Anyhelp would be much appreaciated.