Need a Book Name

7th November 2009, 14:31
Back in the 80's I was given a book, long out of print, about a scottish chief engineer on a steamer.
He went into the engineroom in his slippers, liked his scotch ad managed by ignoring.
Anyone remember what the books names are, they were titled after the Chief.
I long ago gave my copy to an Ex.

Derek Roger
7th November 2009, 14:39
Colin Glencannon Ch/Eng of the Inchcliffe castle Author Guy Gilpatric ?

Dont know about the slippers ?


7th November 2009, 14:58
Exactly, I had the Colin! Could not remember the rest at all.

Yep, slippers. It was the omnibus I had, he would go into the ER in his slippers. That always stuck with me.

K urgess
7th November 2009, 16:47
The television series was another subconscious influence on my decision to go to sea.

7th November 2009, 17:32
The UK version of the television show guide.

The US version of the show re-casted the Chief Engineer for a Captain. The on line synopsis:"The comedic adventures of a mischievous skipper aboard a steam ship, the Inchcliffe Castle, sailing the Caribbean".