RFA Tidesurge.

10th November 2009, 20:01
Helo there.

Anyone sail on the Tidesurge Feb 71 - Dec 71 ?(Thumb)

27th December 2010, 15:19
I sailed on Tidesurge signed on 23rd Jan 1968 at Weymouth, paid-off 27 Nov 1968 at Falmouth as an EDH, the Bosun was W Hetheringtron and the BO'Mate was BA Ditchburn, that ship was one of the best trips I had.
At the end of the voyage, my mate (Sandy Nicol) and I, wanted to sign a contract with the company, unfortunately due to our poor conduct we were rejected.
Stan Greening

King Ratt
27th December 2010, 16:03
Hello Heathenscot.
Just checked my discharge book. Also joined Tidesurge in Weymouth 23 Jan 1968. I was 1st sparks. Captain was A.Telfer a right grumpy old Scot. I remember (Barry?) Ditchburn and met his sister who was a Jenny WREN. Seem to recall we left UK and got as far as Tenerife where we had an engine breakdown. I cannot remember anyone with "poor conduct"!! Nice part of the world you have chosen to live in. Happy New Year.