Captain Robin Green Obituary

11th November 2009, 01:14
The Daily Telegraph obituary of captain Robin Green who commanded RFA Sir Tristram at the Falklands.

11th November 2009, 11:08
A very good obituary but he was a Captain in the RFA Service not a "Naval Commander"
Does nobody check these things before they are printed ?

11th November 2009, 13:43
A very good notice about a fine officer who I knew well for fifty years. For many years I had the task of writing RFA Obits in Gunline and know how difficult it is - modesty and reticence in lifetime plus family grief at crossing the bar make it a daunting task, and the naval obit writer in the Telegraph (an RN captain) has done a splendid job, with help from RFA colleagues. I am so pleased the RFA has moved into this setting - a great comfort for families and good for the Service.

11th November 2009, 16:57
Hear,hear Hill Shepherd. I didn't know Robin personally, but it's always good to see a long career properly remembered. I suspect "commander" was used in a broad sense, rather than "Commander" in the naval rank sense.

11th November 2009, 18:06
I'll never forget the day we were bombed onboard SIR TRISTRAM, I was the OOW, and Robin had to make the decision to abandon ship. The last time I saw him was when we were invited to SIR TRISTRAM for her final day at sea and he had the honour to ring FWE for the final time. A nice piece in the DT and good to see the recognition afforded. RIP

12th November 2009, 02:57
The obituary writer got it right. It was the person who wrote the "headline" who got it wrong. However I have a hazy recollection that the BISN Co called thier captains "commanders". I could be wrong.

Union Jack
12th November 2009, 14:24
.... carrying elements of the Welsh Guards which, in defiance of the doctrine of amphibious warfare that troops should disembark promptly, waited on board

This quotation from Captain Robin Green's excellent obituary by Captain Peter Hore has to be the understatement of the Falklands Conflict, and I trust that one day the full story will emerge.


12th November 2009, 14:58
It already has. The Board of Inquiry report has been published online. You can Google it.
And a very good book available on Amazon explains all.

Union Jack
12th November 2009, 16:02
Many thanks for the nod, Lancastrian. I should have made it clear that I was not alluding to the published BOI, but to matters that I have always understood were investigated in a much more immediate and highly classified inquiry. The following URL refers obliquely to this in claiming exemption from the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, and I have a feeling that some of the Admiralty Board's observations were similarly exempted.

Grateful therefore for any more light that can be shed on this tragic event.


28th November 2009, 16:36
A futher Obit on Robin Green in today's Times at