Hansen Bros. Shipping Co. Cardiff

11th November 2009, 20:48
Hi there, I'm new to this so I hope I am in the right forum! I am trying to find out where the records of the Hansen Bros. shipping company are kept. I would like to know who was the captain of the ship SS Stevenstone when it was launched. It was built in Northam, Devon, in 1921 for the Hansen Bros. company of Cardiff. It was lost at sea in December 1921 carrying coal from Blyth to Elsinore with loss of all life, including my Grandfather. The captain that was lost at sea was not the original one, as he was sacked for being drunk! My father (now 88 yrs old) never knew his father & is trying to find out all the details. If anyone can point me in the direction of these records I would be very grateful! Thanks!

13th November 2009, 11:33
I've never heard of Hansen of Cardiff, so they were probably gone before 1956. There were some archives, of other Cardiff shipping companies transferred to the University of Wales Cardiff Library. Perhaps some of our archivists could shed a little more light.

As an aside, a Great great aunt of mine was school teacher at Northam, one of her nephews, born in Appledore, moved to Barry in 1912ish to work at the new Barry graving dock company.

Meanwhile, welcome aboard from the flat bit of Europe, have a good trip!

13th November 2009, 19:33
Thanks Billieboy, the company was short lived, here is some of the little info. I have been able to find.

Brief History of the Hansen Shipping Co. Ltd.

Sven Wohlford Hansen was born in Cardiff in 1876, son of Carl Hansen, a Norwegian who supplied pit props for the South Wales collieries, who settled in Cardiff in the 1860s and set himself up as an importer of pit props, subsequently becoming a coal exporter and ship insurance agent. Initially Sven Hansen worked in the offices of a french coal company involved in the export of Welsh Coal, but in 1910 he and his brother and father set up as Hansen Bros. Ltd shipbrokers and coal exporters. In 1915 Sven Hansen purchased his own ship, the Gledhow, and in 1916 added three more, the Natuna, Ellerslie and Penylan. Then in 1917 he purchased the whole of the fleet of the Hall Line plus four ships from another Cardiff company, Pyman, Watson.& Co. Although the fleet suffered the inevitable First World War losses he still owned 12 ships at the end of the war. He then purchased his own colliery (Graham's Navigation Colliery, Tredegar, Mon,) and the Northam, Devon shipbuilding yard of Clearhouses.

In the early 1920s he added three more vessels to his fleet, including the "Stevenstone" but by this time the slump was affecting business very badly and he sold up. He had been created a Baronet for his services to the war effort following the First World War.

I was hoping maybe the archives were in Cardiff somewhere, perhaps I will contact Cardiff Uni. as you suggest. Thanks again, it means a lot to Dad.

The 2nd. Mate
3rd September 2010, 19:06
Hi woodytwoshoes and welcome to NS.

The only Hansen I am aware of associated with Cardiff is the famous ship photographer. Cardiff Museum has a large collection.



3rd September 2010, 19:59
Woodytwoshoes, sorry for the late comment, but I've missed your #3 until today.

The comment about the Museum reminded me of the fact that the University of Wales has been digitizing lots of Cardiff shipowners' archives, perhaps they could let you have some more info on Hansen?