Jan Hendrik
5th October 2005, 10:47
Here is another nice small paddlesteamer which is still operational taking tourists (incl. myself) for a small trip on the Murray.
And yes Ruud, I used to supply the paints too.

The Murray River with a length of 1630 km is Australia's largest river, discovered in 1829.
The “Pyab” measures only 30.84 m. and 5.51 m wide and was constructed in 1896 at Westergaard & Sons, Mannum Drydock, while her steam engine came from Marshall & Sons in England. In 1979 after the vessel caught fire and had to be refitted, then a diesel engine was installed.
From origin a cargo and passenger ship but since 1971 doing the tourist trade only.
This vessel carries the Murray flag as an exception to what you would expect, the Australian flag.
This custom goes back to 1853.

oil painting by John Gardner
copyright: Hempel A/S, Copenhagen 11/94

5th October 2005, 12:28
Ahoy Jan,

That's why they all look so great(*)) , but I know also that Hempel was used on Svea ships, and they were also very nice to see,as I remember it were n't the cheapest paints, but the best, you've first have to spend a nickle to get a dime.(Applause) How about this one?

Jan Hendrik
6th October 2005, 10:28
No need to give me a plug Ruud as I no longer work there, remember?

Hereby a photo of the "Pyab" back in March 1987, I must also have a photo holding the large wheel on the bridge, perhaps it is sitting in shoebox 23.
So this photo is not too good, I added another photo of the paddlesteamer GEM, however, this one does not sail anymore and is stationed alongside, that's where we had our evening dinner, yes it is a restaurant.
Both paddlesteamers are located in Swan Hill, some 400 km North West of Melbourne.
I go there in a fortnight so will shoot some better pictures.

john russell
24th October 2005, 10:42
is now at the Cape Town museum,last survivor of more than 70 ships ex rn, more info if needed,

Jan Hendrik
27th October 2005, 15:16
Unfortunately I missed the "Pyab", she is presently docking in Mildura.
I will soon post some pictures of other paddle steamers on the Murray River.
Just sailed on the "Emmylou" in Echuca, a small Victorian town on the river with lots of history.
There are about 25 old, both steel and timber paddle steamers active on the river.

19th February 2006, 08:19
Went to Echuca some time ago, and could not get accomadation was told of the Emy Lou which was tied up, so went there and got overnight stay on board,think there had to be a licensed person on board,had a nice supper, and great breakfast the next morning, then had a River trip on her.Since done more trips on her. Cheers Bob