Wild Goose Chase?

Alistair Macnab
16th November 2009, 19:40
Does anyone remember hearing of Bank Line's management of a number of C-1 type American motorships of the "knots, hitches and splices" class of engines aft ships? Apparently this was sometime in the late 40s. I was told that several of these ships had been placed on the Calcutta-WCSA service but I never have seen or heard of any confirmation so the story might be balonney!

ted nutt
18th November 2009, 13:12
Alistair,good afternoon.Sawyer&Mitchell book From America to United States Vol 1 page 69 has a passing refererence that Andrew Weir operated two ships although technically they they had been redelivered to USMC after being returned by MOWT.They had Hickory prefixes.Ted