Bibby Line Ltd

Christopher Knight
17th November 2009, 15:35
I sailed with Bibby Line, as a Radio Electronics officer, on the Devonshire in 1975 after the arguement with the dock in Tarragona or Cartegena in 1975, because I joined the vessel at Gibraltar where the repairs were carried out, Hugh Owen was captain, Paul Hancock Ceng!
Next it was the Dart Atlantic in Southampton, to complete my training Capt Birdseye (nick name, cannot remember real name), Reg Willowby CEng (I think). Next it was the Worcestershire in the Shatil Arab water way Achie Ashton Capt, Ceng (cannot remember), then onto the Berkshire (Car Carrier one way bulk carrier the other) Peter Saunders Capt & Bob Brown Ceng, then the cheshire Ken Gowsell Capt, Cheng can remember. Then back to college, then moved to Kuwait oil tankers briefly (the end of my MN time), then Kuwait oil company proper to become a liquid gas/chemical engineer. Anybody, who was in Bibby's around this time, it would be nice to hear from.
Chris Knight

17th November 2009, 16:12
Greetings Chris and a warm welcome to SN, Bon voyage.

bert thompson
18th November 2009, 09:03
Welcome Chris. Sure you will enjoy this site and soon contact old friends
Best wishes