The Sea Dominies

22nd November 2009, 11:09
The Sea Dominies
The Story of Leith Nautical College 1855-1987
ISBN 0 9512408 0 3

This little 55 page book may be of interest to ex students who attended the college and TS Dolphin. Leith Nautical College was the first purpose built
nautical college in the UK. The author also gives brief coverage of teaching by “dominies” of navigation and astronomy in Scottish coastal schools.
"Seventeen year old Robert Burn’s study of navigation however went aground on a shoal not unfamiliar to other sailors, as he revealed in a delightful letter about why his studies came to a halt.”
“" A charming Filette who lived next door to the school, overset my Trigonometry and set me off in a Tangent from the Sphere of my studies. I struggled on with my Sines and Cosines for a few days more , but stepping out into the garden one charming noon to take the sun’s altitude, I met my Angel
“Like Prosperine , gathering flowers,
Herself a fair flower”
It was vain to think of doing any more good at school. The remaining week I stayed I did nothing but craze the faculties of my soul about her, or steal out to meet her.”"

Sadly the college was closed down by our political masters in 1987. This book was published by the Board of Governors. Unfortunately unavailable in my local library or Amazon.