City of Canterbury

James Dawson
22nd November 2009, 15:43
Hello all,does anybody have a good picture of this great ship with the proper Ellerman colours on the funnel. I have one but it's not that great. Sailed on her when she was just finishing her contract as the Cap Clevland and stayed with her till she was sold to the Belgians. That was a sad day. Great ship and plenty of laughs.
Thanks JD.

24th November 2009, 22:35
Hi james

Try this picture of the City of Adelaide from the gallery

25th November 2009, 11:09
Go to Photo of her on the site.
Browse Old ships gallery.

James Dawson
25th November 2009, 14:27
Shandy & co. many thanks for your help regarding finding ship's photo got exactly what I was after. I'm a happy old so in so again.
Ta JD.