'S' boats hull colour 1960's

24th November 2009, 21:08
I was on Salaga in 1964 at Bathurst when the white poop and fo'csle head were overpainted black and I understood at the time that it was because the ship was being newly managed by the Guinea Gulf line!

24th November 2009, 23:44
All the ED fleet had their white fo'c'sles and poops painted out in the same manner - supposedly for reasons of economy!!
My own view is that it was an ego trip for a certain newly appointed Marine Superintendent.


4th December 2009, 16:45
It was a popular misconception at the time by the bean counters that it saved money!! a lot of companies did similar, I was with Irish Shipping at that time and they did away with the white line. The actions in both companies took from the appearance of the vessels and saved bugger all

4th December 2009, 23:44
Someone must have told them that black paint was cheaper than white!