mv irfon

25th November 2009, 16:47
I was Master of the P & O Bulk shipping co vessel MV Irfon in 1971. Has anyone got a picture of the vessel?

ian d.cameron
25th November 2009, 17:03
Photo in the Gallery
Donít know if itís the same one

Nigel Wing
25th November 2009, 20:47
Just purchased an excellent book, Trident Tankers Ltd : A Change of Course. Written by Mike Langley.
Details of both ships can be found within, with a picture of Irfon fitting out in 1971.
Brief details.
Irfon built 1971. Steam Ship of 150,000 dwt.
Irfon built 1996. Motor Ship of 166,628 mt.

9th May 2012, 10:01
there is a good photo on .uk