Interesting Obituary

30th November 2009, 06:00
Wearing the NZSCo cap badge..

30th November 2009, 06:47
What a great story out of the blue.


4th December 2009, 20:57
I always think that it is sad that such interesting characters have to die to get the rest of us ordinary folk to recognise that they ever lived. The Daily Telegraph and The Times often reveal, too late, people that should have been interviewed whilst still alive and able to recall details of their fascinating lives.

bert thompson
5th December 2009, 08:47
What a wonderful tale Thanks for posting
Best wishes

Richard Green
5th December 2009, 09:02
Ian6, a sentiment I share. A fascinating character... As a lifelong Telegraph reader as I get older I'm drawn to the obits and experience a growing apprehension as the lives recounted become closer and closer to my own generation. I wonder if the obits of the Beckham generation will produce the same level of admiration ...