None But the brave - Boularibank

4th December 2009, 19:59
From todays Lloyds List

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None but the Brave

Congratulations are due to plucky British master Peter Stapleton , who has been awarded the Merchant navy Medal for his bravery in repelling an attack by those blasted Somali pirates last April.

In an incident in the Gulf of Aden , Stapleton was in command of the Boulairibank when the radar picked out two small craft heading towards the 1984-built, 18663gt ro-ro.

The vessel was subsequently holed with AK47 bullets and mortar rounds, dished out by seven men in skiffs. But the crew fought back by dropping wooden beams on the smallercraft.

hence the phone calls from the Merchant navy Association advising him of the honour , which was presented on Monday at Trinity House by MNA patron Lord West of Spithead, Some 14 other recipients were similarly honoured.

Well done to all of them , we say.

Alistair Macnab
7th December 2009, 14:55
Let us hope that Captain Stapleton will soon write about his time on Swire's Bank Line WRTW service, his Russian crews, passengers and the last days of the Bank Line around the Islands. He has a tale to tell that is unique and an audience that eagerly awaits his writings.