New book = London"s Dockland by Fiona Rule

6th December 2009, 11:33
I am in the process of reading an hugely enjoyable hard back by Fiona Rule entitled "LONDON"S DOCKLANDS = A History of the Lost Quarter"

It gives a very entertaining and enlightening account of the origins of
London"s Docklands and the Thames Wharves back to Roman times right up to the sad demise .
Very well researched it is full of human interest quoting many obscure
details (to me at least). If you know the answers to the following you may not gain much by reading it, but for those who are stumped then I recommend it highly.
What is the origin of "England" ?
How did Southwarke get its name ?
Who was and where was a famous pirate hanged in 1701?
What was the "Hanseatic League" ?
Who or what were "Winchester Geese " ?
What is a "Kiddle" and why were they banned?
Where is Pocahontas buried ?

I am only half way through the volume as I am relishing each page and have no desire to "speed read".
I worked in the Surrey Docks but wish I had the back ground history then in the early 60s that I have now.
It is available on
Needless to say you will not be disappointed.
The author did phone me and I offered a few anecdotes of my time in the docks but these were no more than the proverbial drops in the ocean.
The writer has a real passion for her subject and this is conveyed very well.