SD14s and offshoots. Sunderland names.

7th December 2009, 07:00
Learned something new today. Amazing what idle hands can do with the time. The Brasilian SD14 builders CCN Maua, Niteroi, designed a somewhat larger, refrigerated, offshoot that they dubbed the Prinasa121. There were 13 of these built, all for Brasilian owners. But I'm interested in the 4 that were sold to Blue Flag Navigation of Limassol in 1989-1991. All four were given names which honoured the birthplace of the SD14. What I'm wondering is why? Did one of the major SD14 owners have an interest in Blue Flag?

PS: You've GOT to be kidding. I've just learned something else. I thought I'd look up Blue Flag and see if they'd had any standard SD14s. The answer is yes, they had just ONE. This was one of the Hellenic-builds (Frosso K) purchased in 1987. It was renamed, wait for it, ROKER PARK. Are there any other surprises out there!? How ironic that (to the best of my knowledge) only one Wear-build ever received such a name.

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7th December 2009, 09:12
SD 14 offshoot, Trinder Andersons MV Armadale SD 15.



7th December 2009, 10:36
I knew one of the owners of Blue Flag. He (and I believe his partner) studied in the NE of England. Some of their ships also had Tyneside names, e.g. WHITLEY BAY and SOUTH SHIELDS.

7th December 2009, 11:06
Thanks for that Greektoon. I've checked Miramar for your two names and, whilst they are there, they don't mention the owners. However the two vessels were very much the same as we've already seen - built in the 70s and changed name to a NE placename in the late 80s. There's one other I've found just by trying some names: NORTH SHIELDS ex-Siam Venture (built 1972, changed 1989).

7th December 2009, 11:25
London & Overseas Freighters became the major shareholders in Austin Pickersgill prior to the nationalisation of the ship building industry. London & Overseas Freighters, aka "London Greeks", were owned by Mavroleons and had some connection to Kulakundis. It is entirely possible that members of these shipping families had something to do with Blue Flag - who knows?

I believe that Armadale was the one and only SD 15 ever built.

John T.

7th December 2009, 12:14
The owners of Blue Flag Navigation were George Kouleris and Nikolas Koros. They went exclusively into product and chemical tankers in the early 90's and folded a few years later.

Nick Balls
7th December 2009, 13:00
Interesting post ...... never knew there was only one SD15 !!!! I worked for LOF and still have a copy of the published LOF story. I worked on some of their SD14's and still have loads of pics !

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7th December 2009, 13:22
The Armadale was the only SD15 built. Far better than the SD 14's. Also a great job to sail on.

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7th December 2009, 20:12
According to Miramar the Smith's Dock vessels were also designated SD15. However they were dimensionally the same as standard SD14s rather than Armadale and the Brasilian Prinasa121s.

9th December 2009, 17:05
The Armadale was the only SD15 built. Far better than the SD 14's. Also a great job to sail on.

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I didn't enjoy fault finding on the "Velle" deckgear, as the control gear was 2 decks below the controllers.Also the accommodation was a bit spartan.....but the run I was on - Continent to Carribean (KNSM charter) was brilliant!!

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10th December 2009, 09:05
Hi ChathamChavs Can't remember many probs with the Velle's only that they sometimes swung too far past the cutout switch knocking them out. Seem to remember we reset them ourselves.
The crew accomadation, I thought was pretty good compared to the SD14, many a good evening spent in the large crew bar that ran across the back of the accomadation. Went aboard a Strath SD14 and being surprised at how cramped and small the crew accomadation was, you could have fitted the crew bar into the Armadales bar four or five times. Happy days, lol.

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7th March 2010, 16:31
There are a few Engineers that might argue the case. Armadale was owned and operated by Austalind Steamship Company between 1970 and 1980 or therabouts when thet went into final decline. I sailed on the SD 14s Ajana and Australind which were lovely little ships Sulzer RND mains and Paxman V8/ Ruston Genys respectively.(There was a third ship Arrino of similar spec) The Paxman V12 Genys on the Armadale (fitted to presumable cope with her heavier deck lift capacity)were an absoloute nightmare according to lads I knew that had sailed on her whilst the Doxford main Engine....well a Doxfords a Doxford after all. Certainly not as reliable as the little 5 RND68s on the SD 14s though.

Armadale eventually caught fire and burned out off the Chinese coast but don't know the details.

Pat McCardle
7th March 2010, 19:37
The last SD14 built at Pickies was named SUNDERLAND VENTURE.

8th March 2010, 10:54
It does not suprise me that ships were named after their N.E. connection's by Foreign/London Greek owner's, most of us who served our time in the N.E. will remember a Apprentice Marine Engineer's who was connected to a Foreign Shipping family, the bonus being that " the family" also ordered ships from the Yards.

Dave McGouldrick
11th March 2010, 21:18
The last SD14 built at Pickies was named SUNDERLAND VENTURE.

The first SD14 was 'Nicola/ELIZ' on which I did a contract (with Mavroleon Bros) in 1973/4(?).I believe she was built in 1968.
An "interesting" few months (3 of which were spent at anchor off various Algerian ports). Tiny cabin, No A/C and the E/R intake fan right outside the cabin port, one shower and toilet for Deck Officers and the same for the engineers.

Happy days chasing the big money............

15th March 2010, 12:15
The WSS published a history of the SD14 in 1976 - currently on eBay for 2.50 !

A revised edition, well actually a completely new book, by John Lingwood was published by Ships in Focus in 2004, cost 29.50, the details were updated in SiFR Issue 37.

(See also this thread : )

18th March 2010, 20:40
Interesting post ...... never knew there was only one SD15 !!!! I worked for LOF and still have a copy of the published LOF story. I worked on some of their SD14's and still have loads of pics !


You state: .. loads of pictures.. of SD14 ships.
I am a truck and ship modeller from Holland with a great(!!!) interest in this type of ships as I have a cardboard model of a SD14 ship in my hobby room.
( scale 1 : 70) And already a lot of interesting photo's plus book of J. Lingwood and articles from Ship's Monthly.
But you can understand: I am always interested in more.
Especially in a bunch of (detailed-)pictures from one or two ships.



Gert Vlaanderen
Lunteren - the Netherlands.

Seawitch Artist
21st July 2016, 06:07
The Armadale was the only SD15 built. Far better than the SD 14's. Also a great job to sail on.
Best Regards
She showed me the world, we circumnavigated under Captain woods between June 79 and March 80. Accommodation was a bit spartan and too warm, but hey, I didn't expect a yacht. Saddened me when I heard about her loss, but better than being pulled apart by neo slavery on an Indian beach.

4th August 2016, 17:58
Nice example of a well kept SD14..
I think it may be under Cambodian flag and have been renamed from Phuong Dong.
Any further history?..

5th August 2016, 00:28
Found a photo of her as Phuong Dong 3 with following blurb:

PHUONG DONG 3 beliebt
EinsenderErik SailorMehr Bilder von Erik Sailor Letzter Eintrag10.04.2014 17:35
Zugriffe105 Kommentar: 1
M/V" PHUONG DONG 3"Inbound Santos Brazil going load sugar in sacs escort tug is "ORION"in 18/01/06 |Ship manager & Owner:VIETNAM SEA TRANSPORT 428, Nguyen Tat Thanh, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam|IMO number : 8500965|Call Sign : 3WCP|Flag : Vietnam|Length overall: 144,00 m|Beam: 20,50m|Depth: 11,75 m| Draught:8,87 m| Speed: 15,0 kn|Gross tonnage : 8996|DWT: 15147|Main Engine: Sulzer/4.708 kW/ 14,5 kn|Year of build : 1986| Shipbuilder/Place: Smith's Dock/South Bank(GBR)|Yard No: 1357|(Owner as Completed: South Islands Sg Co Ltd, Limassol)|Ex-Name's: SOUTH ISLANDS

John T

PS loading bagged sugar in Santos: nice work if you can get it!

7th August 2016, 15:24
Tks vm t.p..
Something pleasing about SD14's utilitarian look much the same as other British designs in the WW2 Sam class Liberties or a P47 Mustang.
I'm no expert but if "Derbyshire" had had a focsle design similar to the SD14 could we have avoided this tragedy?
Kasos born cousins Rethymnis and Kulukundis were without doubt the original 1920's London Greeks who formed Counties Ship Management. Kulukundis also teamed up with Basil Mavroleon Sr to form London Overseas Freighters which morphed into UK flagged Loftanks under Basil Mavroleon Jr principal shareholder of Austin Pickersgill when British shipbuilding was nationalised in the late 70's..
By the 50's London Greeks was a more general term for any Greek ship owner with an office in the "Smoke."