Captain Walter Gerald (Gerry) Hunt of Everards

15th December 2009, 23:59
Some weeks ago I found Shipsnostalgia´s forums and also understood that there might be someone around remembering Captain Walter Gerald (Gerry) Hunt from Everards. If so it would mean a great deal to me I you would like to share your memories with me. Good or bad! As one of his children and maybe the youngest I got to know him mainly through letters and postcards from different ports; from Archangelsk to Casablanca and Istanbul and lots of European ports in between. For different reasons contact was broken in the mid-seventies when I was still a child. He was born on October 13 in 1916, lived with his family in Plymouth and some of the ships he sailed on were Fred and Rosemary in the sixties and Summity in the Seventies. He sailed on Scandinavia and that is where I live.

Since my memories of him in real life are few and my knowledge of his history even less known to me I would appreciate anything that can enlighten me on his life on the Everard ships as well as on his life and whereabouts before the fifties as I know he also had children born in the forties. I have tried to search records. It is not easy and I am a beginner but I would love to be able to learn more about my British roots. I do know that he served in the Merchant Navy during World War II and got some kind of medal but nothing more about these important years is known to me.

As a child and teenager in the seventies end eighties I also met with Everard´s captain Ronald Trethew(e)y and his wife.

My own occupation is in some ways connected to shipping and if we had been in working life at the same time our roads probably would have crossed. In that way I also feel an extra interest in and connection to his occupational life.

Thanks in advance

K urgess
16th December 2009, 00:26
Welcome aboard from northern England, Carrie.
I'm sure someone will be able to recommend a course to follow.
Meanwhile find your way around and get to know the crew.
Have a good voyage.

21st September 2011, 00:36
Hello Carrie,
I hope that you get this message as it has been nearly two years since you have posted!!! Well, I must admit that I am gladly surprised that I have come across your post, well, I hope that maybe I can make it a little more interesting maybe.

Cut a long story short, Do you recognize any of these names??

Anne Hunt, b. 08 Apr 1949.
Geraldine Hunt, b. 24 Apr 1951.
Francis B Hunt, b. 22 May 1952, d. 16 Feb 1974.

I have in my family, a Walter Gerald Hunt,
born on 13 Oct 1916 in Peartree Cottage, Hatfield, Hertford, and died 26 Dec 1993 I believe.

And I also have a seafaring history within my family, I believe that your Father is the Brother of my Grandfather, a Frank 'Bunny' Hunt of Braunton, Devon, UK. My roots are traced to Plymouth also as I still have Family there living in Torr Road, Plymouth. The Original home of my Great Grandfather whom would also be your grandfather I think??? I have added a link address so that you maybe able to look at a bit of a family tree that I am working on to see if i is the connection we have????

Please drop me an email and let me know, would be great to hear from you if we are long lost relatives!!!!