Cruise ship passengers fall ill (BBC News)

SN NewsCaster
18th December 2009, 14:10
Cruise ship passengers and crew are recovering after about 180 fell ill on a 12-day trip to Gran Canaria.

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18th December 2009, 19:01
Here we go again, cruise ships targeted when having a very common stomach bug on board. Our local hospital has been hit with gastroenteritis since 2nd December cancelling all non urgent operations. visiting restrictions are still in place, and will be for a week or two, but this has not been reported nationally or even internationally unless a cruise ship. It only makes the local news.

Hospitals, and other institutions as well as individuals will be affect this winter as well as all year round with with some type of gastroenteritis viral or bacteria, but when it happens aboard a cruise ship, it is headline news. It really is quite extraordinary. It is a wonder they don't report outbreaks of the common cold on board?!. These outbreaks are just as common as the common cold, but call it a different name like norovirus, and it is front page news [=P]