Solomon Browne

19th December 2009, 23:38
Hi All,

Please pause for a few moments today to honour the bravery of the crew in the RNLB "Solomon Browne" lost on service, and those on the "Union Star" that they had sought to save. Twenty-eight years ago, on the 19th December at 2121 radio contact was lost with the lifeboat.

We will remember them.

Thank you.

19th December 2009, 23:49
Well they they rest in peace along with the crew off the Brought Ferry boat lost few years before, The boat was recovered along with the crew all dead in the cabin only one was never found. The boat was taken to Fife and burnt.
My Grandfather had to bury most off them.

15th February 2010, 21:35
these where all brave men and will all be granddad and my dad new all of the crew.....

my thoughts go out to all of the families of the brave crew that where sadly lost their lives on that dreadful night..

19th December 2013, 07:56
I shall raise a glass tonight, in an annual moment of reflection and remembrance, especially since the recent weather has been rather stormy.
Please join me..................

22nd December 2013, 23:41
can I just say as time marches on it is now 32 years ago, on the night of the 19/12/1981...and the memories are still raw

God bless them all. Any man/woman who goes out in such awful weather to rescue those that he knows not, is the bravest of the brave and has my full admiration and respect.