Canadian SIU Appoints new President

21st December 2009, 21:03
Yes its finally been anounced in the Canadian SIU newspaper, Roman Gralawitcz has finnally steeped doun to retire, He had been holding that position there since 1974, The new President in Michale Dejardins. (Hippy) (Jester)

21st December 2009, 21:28
Ah' I don't wish him well in his retirement as he was a dictator among other things I can't mention on this site

22nd December 2009, 01:31
Sympathies much the same, I'm surprised he's decision to step down has come to pass, I'd long thought he'd reliquish his icy cold grip on that union only on his death bed. His two Predecessors were noting to be proud of either, Wonder how this new Pres will turn out, his father was romans right hand man as vice pres since 74, he retired in early 90's. i remember Michale D. standing in for Dispatcher & Patrolman in Montreal Charlie Worrel & Kenney MGuire.

22nd December 2009, 01:44
[QUOTE=mrcanoehead;387740Dispatcher & Patrolman in Montreal Charlie Worrel .[/QUOTE]

Yes a name from the past.
Call in on a weekend and no matter who you needed one of his countymen (Barbados) joined.
Think he had them boarding in his house!!!

Keltic Star
22nd December 2009, 03:00
Had run ins with him in Halifax when the Conservative provincial opposition brought him down to threaten our crew and passengers with baseball bats back in 1977. He even had the audacity to quote his threats in the Legislature and on TV. Result was we flagged out and let 80 extremely well paid Canadian crew go.

But at least we beat him in the in the Arctic, he never got close up there due to good conditions and a very efficient "security" system that beat him at his own game.

22nd December 2009, 14:09
I presume C.Worrewl has now long retired, he'd came back durring the 90's as several dispatchers did not work out in the hall, patrolmen as well, strange you know. He was Dispatcher from the 1960's he used to be the barber there as well, used to cut hair with a straight razor. He used to cut H al Bank's hair, kind of left him a little unnerved when he saw he was going to have his hair cut in this fashion, imagine that a an imposing type like him.
K.Mguire, recall he passed from cancer around 1990, he was patrolman, & had been in that union since 1949, the inception of the siu in canada & the offseating of the Canadian seamans Union.

Those scenes in Halifax, remember seeing it on the national news, Bet it came around to bite hime where the sun does not shine after that, typical behavior though.

Ever Read the Book written after the Death of Hal Banks, called waterfront war lord. Tale of the Siu in canada & their political connections with senators & mp's on both sides of the house.