found this on a ship wreck

27th December 2009, 03:12
I was diving on the wreck of the d'artaganan in the south china sea and found this in the mud near the forward hold. She was built in 1924. seems like it was meant to carry a lot of current. any ideas on its story?



27th December 2009, 03:28
Brooks, It certainly looks like some form of electrical link or connection but that handle piece would need to be well insulated. Is it porcelain?


27th December 2009, 04:07
-I beleive "Spongebob" is on the right tack -looks like a Buss Bar to me from an Electrical switchboard-Teb

27th December 2009, 05:06
It looks pretty new to me.

27th December 2009, 07:46
It is a watch.... and something else!? Sorry

27th December 2009, 07:50
Something to do with electrolysis? ( Not the hair removal type!)
The copper slugs look pitted to me. Although if they were they would probably be zinc.
I really haven't a clue, have I??


27th December 2009, 07:59
There's a gap between the bars, maybe it's some hind of surge collector. Part of a lightning rod?

27th December 2009, 08:50
A little more info to my earlier comments -A friend of mine a retired Engineer/Salvage man tells me the object is a circuit breaker which was attached to a buss bar on a Electrical Switchboard which was pulled when one wanted to break a circuit .

27th December 2009, 08:52
It's a switch isolator the bus bar connector would be black, probably off the main DC switch board, the white isolator/connector were easy to see in the bulkhead dynamo days, the white would be pulled out and a black connector inserted, to run the emergency half of the switchboard. which is probably why it was off the wreck, had there not been an emergency it would still be in position on the switch board.

27th December 2009, 15:32
I believe that the object is a disconnect link- so as to disconnect a generator feeder cable to the line side of the generator circuit breaker located in the main switchboard.

Simply put- Generator L Lead- Generator Feeder Cable- Disconnect Link - Generator Circuit Breaker

28th December 2009, 18:05
It's an old style unused ships fuse made out of porcelain as previously indicated.

28th December 2009, 19:20
The fuse wire would be fitted through the holes and then re-clamped, the,0 "lip", close to the handle, would act as a bit of a flash guard as the fuse was replaced.

4th February 2010, 16:54
Porcelain fuse for heavy current, Never pull out with bare hands, always gloved,as they get very hot.

6th February 2010, 22:27
The give away are the small set screws .... if the larger nuts were not to be removed or loosened ( to instal the fuse or fuseable material ) then there would be no need for them.

michael charters
14th April 2010, 21:11
Is it an equalising negative link? Not a fuse?