Soviet Merchant Marine Losses in WW2 (Black Sea)

Andrey Nelogov
4th January 2010, 14:14
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4th January 2010, 14:45
Hi Andrey
Have you considered starting a forum in the ''Shipping Companies / Other Shipping Companies'' area of this site?
I know little of the Russian/Soviet fleets and would be intrested in learning a bit about them.
I understand that your task with WW2 casulties is a big one, but I for one would like to learn more about your nations ships and fleets. From an insider as it were.
I only went to the Soviet Union once while at sea, a place in the Black Sea called Tuapse? as I recall. Played a Russian tankers crew at football (We lost :o) )But had a pretty good time once we eventually were allowed along side.