Stud Baker
10th January 2010, 21:03
Hi, all!
I have started a group about Norwegian shipping on Facebook. The mission is to collect shipphotos there and discuss Norwegian shipping.
Its in Norwegian, but feel free to have a look!
http://www.facebook.com/groups.php?id ... p?gid=149919619939&ref=ts

10th January 2010, 21:17
As a user of facebook, I find it nigh impossible to find any group there as there are thousands of quite useless and badly named groups, unless you know the specific name before searching, a person might never find it. Please can you give the specific name for your group. Facebook is one of the most disorganised entities I have ever used.

The URL noted above has been curtailed due to length, I suspect. Unless you give a Group name, finding it will be nigh impossible.

10th January 2010, 21:23
SN is not free notice board for every tom dick and harry(and one other member) to spam our membership for there own groups,so please don't do it.