Tanker reports rupture off NY,

11th January 2010, 08:11
A tanker with 41,000 barrels of ethanol on board has a ruptured tank off of Brooklyn's Gravesend Bay and officials are evacuating all vessels from the area.
It would appear they suffered a frozen P/V valves.

http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/brooklyn/2010/01/10/2010-01-10_tank_bursts_on_sichem_defiance_tanker_in_brookl yns_gravesend_bay.html

She is apparently sitting at anchor with tanks part full of ethanol and significant structural damage.

12th January 2010, 17:08
They cleared all the ships out of the anchorage as a precaution against fire, but just look at all the smoke billowing out at main-deck level from the stack of that fire boat moored alongside! Reminds me of all the ships I've been on loading ammunition. We used to be required to install "stack screens" to prevent hot embers from the boilers igniting the explosive cargo we were loading, while the tug boat required to be moored alongside had none.

12th January 2010, 18:15
One ship I was on loading Ammunition we were in the process of lighting off a new burner on the boilers (going from number 6 burner to number 1 to far to ignite from the other burner), so the fireman had the soot pot burning, a cigarette in his mouth(Smoke) , and a torch ready to go into the peep hole when a USCG told us we could not have a flame in the fire room. After a few calls on the radio the USCG decided it was alright to have a flame in the fire room and to smoke (Smoke)in the accommodation area of the ship.

kewl dude
13th January 2010, 05:44
Yeah I had a USCG guy in Port Chicago come down below from up on deck and go banana's. We too were smoking and lighting off a boiler, the F/WT had just lit his torch. We did what he said at first, but when he calmed down I lead him over to the side of the boiler gage board where an Official illustrated USCG "How to Safely Light off a boiler" poster was framed beneath glass. He just left the ER shaking his head.

Greg Hayden