Yet another newbie!!!!

11th January 2010, 15:37
First of all - Hi from a cold and snowy London!(Thumb)

Second -great and informative site!

Third - I need to find a ship that was named after my wife(seriously!) as it would be the surprise of her life to actually find a picture of it.

So to cut to the chase, what's the best way to go about this?

11th January 2010, 15:44
Greetings MM and welcome to SN on your first posting. Name of ship might even help to find photo. Bon voyage

11th January 2010, 15:54
My fault - I should have at least mentioned the ship in question.

The boat was originally named Katui and was launched in 1946. I found more info at the link below: db%3D%26dm%3D%26ds%3D%26dh%3D%26owner%3D%26num%3D% 26sh%3D%26st%3D%26sd%3D%26svv%3D%26typ%3D%26tid%3D 0%26tix%3D0%26tot%3D6%26wds%3D%26pix%3D0%26sourcei d%3D%26ID%3D19030082%26hit%3D2+Katui+Panama,+renam ed+Cindee.&cd=3&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk&client=firefox-a

My wifes father had the boat renamed Cindee after his daughter who had left Singapore with her mother when her parents divorced in the 1960's. Father and daughter were recently reunited after a period of over 32 years and it was only then that the story about the ships name came about.

So if any of you guys could find any more info about this ship and its fate I would be eternally grateful

fred henderson
11th January 2010, 17:04
A warm welcome to SN. There is a photo of Katui in the SN Galleries:

She became Cindee in 1967 and was renamed Banang in 1974 and was broken up at Tanjung Priok in 1984.

Fred (Thumb)

K urgess
11th January 2010, 17:07
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire.
Find your way around and get to know the crew.
Have a good voyage.

11th January 2010, 17:38

Go to Miramar Ship Index, The Katui became Cindee in '67 and had another name change to Banang in '74. She was broken up at Tajung Priok 4.84.
Registered owners name changed four times.


11th January 2010, 17:41
You guys just know too much (Thumb)

Thanks for all the advice and links that I have been sent.

All I want now is a picture with my wifes name on the side.

11th January 2010, 19:13
First of all - Hi from a cold and snowy London!(Thumb) .....

Cold and snowy?? Y'all oughta try and be here.. it was -3C when I left for work this morning..

Oh yeah, greetings from Annapolis, MD area (==D)

11th January 2010, 19:48
Welcome from Lancashire - I hope you will enjoy the site.

Sorry we can't help with the photo you want so far but someone may still come up with the goods!

11th January 2010, 20:50

A warm welcome to the site from the Isle of Anglesey, I guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy the SN experience!
It's good to see that you have already had some help with your query in the meantime have a good look around the Site. (Thumb)

11th January 2010, 22:14
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

11th January 2010, 23:08
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

17th October 2011, 18:46
Well it has taken more years than I care to remember.

It has taken more people than I can ever thank.....

but now we finally have the picture of the boat named after my wife.

I thank you all.

18th October 2011, 15:03
Hello Mickymini
'fraid never heard of a ship named "seriously". Don't give up on it

keep 'er orf the knuckle 'arry


18th October 2011, 18:53
Hello Mickymini
'fraid never heard of a ship named "seriously". Don't give up on it

keep 'er orf the knuckle 'arry


Read my last post Colin...

We found it!

Just realised the pun!