Bulk Carrier Dangers

11th January 2010, 21:57
It doesn't pay to fish from the deck of a bulk carrier, even if you are 25 metres above sea level.
A seaman on the Konmax was stung a couple of days ago by the deadly Irukanji jellyfish, off the Queensland coast.
It is reported that the jellyfish was in a wave that crashed into the ship, sending spray 25 metres up to the deck where the man was fishing.
He was airlifted to Mackay hospital where he is out of danger and recovering.
The things a sailor risks in doing his job!!


John Dryden
11th January 2010, 22:06
That is real bad luck,bet he fishes off the bridge wing next time!

13th July 2010, 16:17
reminds me of the time when my dad faced a similar situation while fishing from an oil rig

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