Island Princess

bob johnston
16th October 2005, 01:04
I sailed on Island Princess in 1977 wondered if anyone has any good pictures of her. At the time I worked as a Public Room Steward in the Look Out Bar , unsure if that was the correct name ( my memory fails me ). At the time was doing cruising to Alaska and then started Mexico. I also looked after the area by the pool which was really nice as it had the first covered slide style roof I had seen. It was really a nice ship but had not long been taken over by Princess Cruises as this was very early on the road to bigger and better things to come for Princess Cruise.When I get time I will post a few pictures of what I have.

16th October 2005, 01:38
Sounds about the time she starred in the TV series "The Love Boat". Were you an unwitting star yourself?

16th October 2005, 07:18
Ahoy Bob,

Here you are, a fine shot,just to see the pool. (
Built in 1971 as Island Venture
Island Princess,
Hyundai Pungak,
Andaman Victory
build by Rheinstahl Nordseewerken GmbH[414]-Emden-Germany

bob johnston
17th October 2005, 00:56
Thanks for picture It was an interesting time on her I did a 4 month voyage and at the time the Purser was very nervous and we got hardly any time off. I had come from Oriana which was a fun ship to this new style of ship. I am interested to see she is still at sea with many name changes. (Applause)

neil maclachlan
17th October 2005, 02:04
Hi Bob,
My wife and I sailed on the "Island Princess" in 1994,we sailed from Singapore,Bali,Port Moresby,Sid Island,Brisbane to Sydney. I thought she was a fine ship and felt like a ship.I used to go topside to the Lido deck, beside the pool,thats where my favourite bar was. There were a couple of wee Scots girls on that deck,one from Alloa in Stilingshire,she was bartender ,the other wee lass came from Dunoon,in Argyleshire. My wife and I befriended them and spent many an afternoon enjoying our cruise and listening to the little trio that entertained on that deck.I have a beautifull picture i shot of the Princess anchored at Sid Island if I knew how to send it I would be delighted to do so,I've tried to send off a couple of pictures without success, so although the instructions sound easy they don't work for me?

Neil Mac.

17th October 2005, 02:11
Is this vessel now sailing as the M.V.Discovery? It looks very sinilar to that pictured on a
brochure we received last week.

bob johnston
17th October 2005, 07:12
Yes she is sailing as Discovery just looked her up on the net, looks good !( for her age )