RNLI Peterhead Tamar Lifeboat rough sea poor day

samuel j
14th January 2010, 20:46
Nice bit of footage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wf_pRVdhLWU

14th January 2010, 23:37
Good work - conditions???

14th January 2010, 23:58
Nice video showing the skills of the RNLI coxwain

25th January 2010, 02:24
I edited this video out of 2.5 hours of video from the lifeboat itself and the mate of the "Far supporter" took a video off the deck of his boat. (Pat has lost 3 Beannie hats off the lifeboat!!!!). The catamaran lost its steering 13 miles East of Peterhead on its way to Norway with a contracted crew. They took a lot of photos of the incident too.
Look up peterheadlifeboat.co.uk (http://peterheadlifeboat.co.uk)to see our recent shouts, all of which have been recorded on film.


Peterhead lifeboat press officer.