I Want To Go To Sea

17th January 2010, 00:25
Good day Sir ,
i am new here and i want to get more knowledge about the marine time , i just finished doing my mandatory courses and i am so interested to go to sea , can you please guide me ?

waiting .

17th January 2010, 01:00
Thank you for your PM, it is rather important that you state which mandatory courses that you have completed and in which country; not only that but in which country do you wish to 'go to sea' and in what capacity.
Welcome to the site, and I have no doubt that we can help you.
All the best, Raymond

17th January 2010, 02:54
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

17th January 2010, 03:37

A warm welcome to the site from the Isle of Anglesey, I guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy the SN experience!
I am also sure that someone will be able to help with your query in the meantime have a good look around. (Thumb)

bert thompson
17th January 2010, 09:14
Uten9 Welcome to this great site
Best wishes

K urgess
17th January 2010, 10:29
Welcome aboard from northern England.
Find your way around and get to know the crew.
Have a good voyage.

17th January 2010, 12:31
Greetings Uten9 and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.