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Tore Setså
19th January 2010, 06:58

Just joined in from Mo i Rana in Norway. I am doing research (mainly) on The Norwegian Merchant Fleet during WW2, but that also includes German uboats and allied merchant ships (convoys) as well, as these "lived very close" to one another from time to time. Never been to sea (except as a passenger on ferrys), never knew where my "sea-going" interest came from. On the side; steamtrains, football and music from the sixties.

19th January 2010, 07:23
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

non descript
19th January 2010, 07:47
Tore, a warm welcome to you on your first posting - that's a fine iron ore port you have there. Thank you for joining the community, do enjoy the site and all it has to offer, and we very much look forward to your postings. (Thumb)

19th January 2010, 09:06
Greetings Tore and a wrm welcome to SN from the south of England. Bon voyage.

19th January 2010, 09:49
Hello Tore, welcome to SN. Another site that may be of assistance in your research is: www.warsailors.com

John T.

bert thompson
19th January 2010, 10:06
Tore welcome. Hope you enjoy all that this great site offers
Best wishes

Frank P
19th January 2010, 10:36
Welcome onboard Tore, enjoy the site.

Have you tried U-boat.net

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K urgess
19th January 2010, 11:28
Welcome aboard from northern England, Tore.
Find your way around and get to know the crew.
Have a good voyage.

19th January 2010, 14:20
Tore :

In addition to the references and recommendations already given above, here is another link that may be of interest to you :


This is an excellent website that provides comprehensive details of all the activities of the nine armed merchant surface raiders (Hilfskreuzer) of WWII.

The first Allied victim of this form of maritime warfare was the British freighter S.S. HAXBY (Ropner) attacked and sunk by the Raider ORION on 24th of April 1940 whilst outward-bound from the Clyde to Corpus Christi in ballast.

As she refused to obey the Raider's instruction to 'stop engines' and 'stop transmitting', the Raider launched her attack in which 16 of the HAXBY's crew were killed. The 24 survivors (included amongst them my 17 years old uncle) were taken on board the Raider as prisoners of war.

On 19th June 1940, the Raider ORION captured and took as a prize ship, for return to German-occupied France, the 8,755 tons Norwegian freighter TROPIC ROSE, heavily laden with 8,000 tons of Australian wheat that was intended for the UK. Around the end of that month, with a German prize crew on board, and with the Norwegian crew and survivor prisoners of HAXBY on board, the captive set sail for France.

This attempt very nearly succeeded, with the TROPIC SEA reaching the Bay of Biscay at the beginning of September 1940. However, whilst literally within 24 hours of the French port the Norwegian vessel was seen, and stopped, by the British submarine HMS TRUANT, who had a suspicion all was not what it seemed with this neutral vessel. Her German crew, who had set scuttling charges for just such a development, started to abandon and all the prisoners were released to escape in the sea where they were picked up by TRUANT. The Norwegian officers and crew, including the master's wife, together with the 24 HAXBY survivors were taken, in extremely cramped conditions, to Gibraltar. The German prize crew were left afloat in boats and rafts, but a plain message signal sent to German HQ advising their seamen's location and plight. No acknowledgement was made but all are understood to have survived and made landings in Spain.

19th January 2010, 17:34
Welcome from Lancashire - I hope you will enjoy the site.

You might like to look at the sources of information in the SN Directory - see top of page.

19th January 2010, 21:10
For Tore :

Norwegian vessels that fell victim to the WWII Armed Surface Raiders (Hilfskreuzer) :

10-06-1940 : Tirranna : 7,320 tons : Victim of Raider ATLANTIS
19-06-1940 : Tropic Sea : 5,781 tons : Victim of Raider ORION
26-06-1940 : Krossfonn : 9,323 tons : Victim of Raider WIDDER
02-08-1940 : Talleyrand : 6,732 tons : Victim of Raider ATLANTIS
04-08-1940 : Beaulieu : 6,114 tons : Victim of Raider WIDDER
28-08-1940 : Filefjell : 7,616 tons : Victim of Raider PINGUIN
27-08-1940 : Morviken : (unknown) : Victim of Raider PINGUIN
13-09-1940 : Nordvard : (unknown) : Victim of Raider PINGUIN
26-09-1940 : Kosmos : 17,801 tons: Victim of Raider THOR
07-10-1940 : Storstad : (unknown) : Victim of Raider PINGUIN
14-10-1940 : Ringwood : (unknown) : Victim of Raider ORION
09-11-1940 : Teddy : 6,748 tons: Victim of Raider ATLANTIS
10-11-1940 : Ole Jacob : (unknown) : Victim of Raider ATLANTIS
07-12-1940 : Vinni : 5,181 tons : Victim of Raider KOMET
14-01-1941 : Whalers : 39,947 tons : Victims of Raider PINGUIN ***
02-02-1941 : Ketty Brovig : 7,031 tons : Victim of Raider ATLANTIS
10-09-1941 : Silvaplana : 4,793 tons : Victim of Raider ATLANTIS
03-04-1942 : Aust : (unknown) : Victim of Raider THOR
20-05-1942 : Kattegat : (unknown) : Victim of Raider MICHEL
19-06-1942 : Herborg : 7,892 tons : Victim of Raider THOR
04-07-1942 : Madrono : 5,894 tons : Victim of Raider THOR
17-07-1942 : Aramis : (unknown) : Victim of Raider THOR
15-06-1943 : Hoegh Silverdawn: 7,715 tons: Victim of Raider MICHEL
17-06-1943 : Ferncastle : 9,940 tons : Victim of Raider MICHEL
10-09-1943 : India : (unknown) : Victim of Raider MICHEL

*** The Norwegian whaling fleet comprised :

Ole Wegger, Solglint, Pelagos, Star 14, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, Pol 8, 9, 10 and Torlyn - accumulative tonnage 39,947 tons

As may be seen, the Hilfskreuzer was a very powerful component of the War At Sea, sinking or taking prize the better part of a million tons of Allied shipping over a period of 41 months using nine converted merchant ships.