City Of Brisbane

21st April 2004, 22:01
The CITY OF BRISBANE was built in 1951, 10,596 grt, 568 feet in length and 71 feet in width. her service speed was 17 knots and was powered by steam turbines.

BMW Simon
22nd April 2004, 02:38
Hi Ian,
from Brisbane Australia. I remember seeing the City boats (as we then called them) along of course with all the other famous companys that were around in the late sixties & seventies. I wiill attach photos of SS Cicero that I served on it belonged to Ellerman Wilson Line of Hull I think affiliated with the City boats?? Cicero & Rollo in my time had old up & down steam engines, steam winches, wooden hatcboards, ten derricks, eight 10ton plus two 20ton jumbos. I feel proud that I served on a ship such as that!!!!! I was junior ordinary seaman, all deck crew did a stint as "peggy" in the seamans mess,and quite busy as we did the North African run (no containers) general cargo & sometimes up to 12 passengers, from West India Docks every six weeks; Beruit, Greek Islands, Cyprus, picking up Brandy, dried fruit, & on one occasion a cargo of fresh blood oranges back to U.K.
Looking at the photos of the city boats they all seem " Chatty but Happy" mostley with rusty hulls and a motley crew hanging about on the focsul ready to tie up or drop anchor!!! What was the reason for the metal ring around the radar scanner???? surley not to keep dress flags off it!!!!& I'm sure you did'nt hoist sails!!!! Have sent attachment of SS Cicero in Tobruk about 1969.
BMW Simon.

28th August 2005, 17:16
Hi Simon

I served on both Cicero was my first ship and later sailed in Rollo and most other Wilson Line ships


5th September 2006, 16:05
The City of Brisbane was renamed the Bencairn. I was on her as the Bencairn in September 1973.


13th September 2006, 20:22
A beautiful class of ships, I think that what made them attractive were the tall classic funnel and the long bow .

12th February 2007, 21:21
G'day all,
"CITY of BRISBANE" became "BENCAIRN" in October 1970 and arrived at Kaohsiung for breaking up on 21/3/1975.

Regards, Roy.