can you help find a sailor?

29th January 2010, 19:39
hi there gents
ive tried reaseaching this before i would ask for help!
im looking for a seaman called george hutchinson born 1843 at whitehaven his is on the 1871 cenus as a seaman lived at 35 kings street maryport he was 28 in 1871 ive looked at all the sites i can think of can anybody help? thank you kirsty xx

29th January 2010, 21:01
if this is of any help
according to the 1881 census RG 11/5189 George Hutchinson 37 with his wife Mary 36 and daughter Mary Ellen 13 all born Whitehaven
George is now a coal miner living at 52 back Row Preston Quater Whitehaven
1891 census they are all at the same address still a coal Miner,
Mary Ellen is now a Dressmaker single 23
1901 there is now only George & Mary at the same address

Ron Stringer
29th January 2010, 22:15
But in 1897 a Mary Ellen Hutchinson married William Opray (or O'Pray) in Whitehaven. They can be found in the 1901 Census where he is shown as a Coal Hewer.

29th January 2010, 23:34
Welcome from Lancashire - I hope you will enjoy the site. Looks like your enquiry got quick results!

As a lady you did take a chance on here "looking for a sailor" though! :)

2nd February 2010, 16:47
thank you for your replys i must not have asked proberly what i needed help with i was wanting help in finding which ship he would have been on in 1871 which states he is a sailor on the census any help would be great! thanks again for taking time out to help.xx