D-Day and Dunkirk motorboats to be preserved at Portsmouth

31st January 2010, 13:43
A Motor Gun Boat used in the D-Day invasion, and an RAF high-speed launch that saw action at Dunkirk and during the Battle of Britain, have been restored and are to be preserved at Portsmouth.


Magic Fingers
31st January 2010, 19:28
The HSL was not at Dunkirk! The only HSL at Dunkirk was HSL120 and she was only there on the last day. There were several seaplane tenders there and they did a marvellous job. The 102 at Dunkirk was MTB102 and she did at least 7 possibly 9 trips into Dunkirk. see www.mtb102.com. RAF records show HSL102 at British Powerboats yard at Hythe undergoing a major refit in May 1940. The RAF AirSea rescue guys agree with this. They don't make false claims nor does the MTB102 Trust. MTB102 has never been restored. Most of what still goes to sea is now 73 years old and just as wonderful as she was in 1937.
Richard. Chairman MTB102 Trust, Vice Commodore Association of Dunkirk Little Ships.