Frequent Dissconection

Galley Boy
19th October 2005, 14:51
After exactly 30 mins of being connected to AOL i get dissconected and my AOL fails to reconect , have tried live aol help and phoneing 3 times , have repaired and reinstalled the software still getting dissconected, the only way i can get back online is to restart the P.C, Does anyone have any suggestions???

david smith
19th October 2005, 16:03
I suggest your computer is dropping the connection. Look at your settings (cotrol panel - Internet - connection) and see if there is a time out. Set it to a stupidly large amount.
An alternative is that you are filling your cache. Have you an old computer, and what operating system are you using?

Galley Boy
19th October 2005, 21:06
Many thanks David,
unable to find any time out settings,am using windows xp home edition on a year old pc. still having problems
bye before i get cut off

19th October 2005, 22:01
If you are using dial up this is a common problem with AOL. You need to switch to broadband for secure uplink. If you are already on Broadband, oops I wasn't much help.

19th October 2005, 22:45
Almost certainly your ISP is dropping you off, they are probably running short of bandwidth, I think it's called "shaping" where they limit your time on line. Tmac,s solution is the best if you're not already using broadband.

Galley Boy
21st October 2005, 13:31
Thanks to everyone for their help,took pc back to factory settings & so far things seem back to normal--------watch this space!!

Galley Boy

16th December 2005, 18:32

I do have some problems with my provider[Chello], they hope this will be fixed asap, but as usually no garantee,the problems can at least continue till tomorrow.So bye for now:@ :@ :@

16th December 2005, 19:08
AOL do not limit clients time on line, if you want 24/7/12

17th December 2005, 08:45

Well back in business, the were some cable-connections problems, which are now cleared, it all had to do with speedlimit, that is been upgraded to 800KByte/sec.So everything is working as it should.(Thumb)

Doug Rogers
17th December 2005, 09:31
Nice to hear it Ruud..dont need any more hastles than we have!!.