Youngest World War II service casualty identified - BBC

5th February 2010, 15:00
From the BBC Scotland website -

charles henry
5th February 2010, 18:53
From the BBC Scotland website -

Rather sad, however the report on him lying about his age is nonesense, at the same age I went down to the "pool" in Glasgow and was registered as a seaman, issued with a discharge book and signed on a ship within a 20 minute period.

The took everyone that they could, asked your age for the Dis A book and signed you on regardless of what it was.

de chas

5th February 2010, 20:03
The Channel 4 report said he 'enlisted' and that he was a 'serviceman'....rather sad they know nothing of the role of the MN.

A moving story, however.


Hugh MacLean
5th February 2010, 22:55
I was honoured to attend Comely Bank Cemetery today together with Billy McGee, Roger Griffiths, Ray Buck and Bill Watt. We have been working on providing the CWGC with the evidence required to prove that he was the youngest known service casualty of WWII.

Roger, Bill and myself were also present last year for the unveiling of Reginald's headstone.

Whether he lied about his age or not he died aged just 14 years and 152 days old. He never got the chance to grow old.

Lest We Forget.