Hello from ex Denholm cadet R862912

Ian Brown
10th February 2010, 10:14
Hello, I am an ex Deholm INC who joined 'Arisaig' in Sept 68.
Was cadet on Naess Louisianna, Kyoto Forest.
3/O on Bibi, Gina Maria, Troll Park, Industria, Naess Endeavour, Chemical Venturer
2/0 on Naess Louisianna, Bangkok, Chemical Venturer/Explorer, Brittania Team
C/O on Al Darafa, ANT, Chemical Venturer/Explorer, Cast Heron/Gull, Nordic Louisianna. (above from memory as Disch Bk was stolen in Italy in 88)
Made redundent 86
Worked as C/O with Turnbull Scott, Coe Metcalfe!, Pentmarine, Seatankers Norway
Master with Maersk IOM 89-96 -Maersk Neptune/Harrier/Gannet/Ascension/Dorset
Master with Dorchester IOM (now Berhard Schulte) 96-Present!!!
Maersk Baffin/Biscay, Dorothea Schulte, Gaz Coral/Kandla/Symphony/Fareast, Navigator Saturn, Al Gharrafa
So from Ore boat to LNG Q Flex has been a long journey and still not finished.

10th February 2010, 10:58
Welcome aboard from the Philippines. Enjoy all this great site has to offer

Jim Mclaughlin
10th February 2010, 13:09
Hi Ian,
Plenty Denholm info on here!
I was on Industria and Troll Park 76/77.
Enjoy your journey.

K urgess
10th February 2010, 13:10
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire, Ian.
Find your way around and get to know the crew.
Have a good voyage.

10th February 2010, 15:22
Greetings Ian and a warm welcome to SN from south of the border. Impressive lists of ships you have sailed on. Bon voyage.

bert thompson
11th February 2010, 09:08
Welcome Ian. Look forward to your postings
Best wishes

Ian Brown
11th February 2010, 12:04
Thank you all for your welcome.
I have been really enjoying myself readding through the J J Denholm posts.
Lots of names I recognise.
Jim McLaughlin - I cant recall the dates for Industria without my Disch Book but we sailed from West India Dock with general cargo for ... West Indies!
Capt Alec Stuart who I liked a lot. Overcarried some cargo in the Tonnage Hatch. (Dont think we were supposed to have any in there anyway) The emergency fire pump was at the bottom of this hatch and needed a lighted taper screwed in to the cylinder to start. Fortunately we never needed it in a rush.
After Caribean it was down to load bagged suger at Recife. (2 weeks of heaven) The across to discharge half at Casablanca and half Tangier.
The down to Dakar to load fertiliser for India. Round the cape and a crew change at Bombay (All from the same village except Goanese stewards) Up to Bavnagar for discharge in the river. Then down to Rangoon for a full load of teak floated down the river. Back to Durban for bunkers and then max revs back for Thames and pay off.
I was lucky to catch the end of that Golden age.

Jim Mclaughlin
11th February 2010, 13:14
Hi Ian,
Dont think our paths crossed
I joined Industria at Le harve late 77.
West indies.
South America.
Cardiff 1978.

Cheers anyway

11th February 2010, 19:18
Welcome to the site Ian,as already mentioned by other members,plenty Denholms men on this site,hope you enjoy your new compulsive hobby,chinwaging with lots of ex shipmates.