Who is Glenn Defense

14th February 2010, 11:19
Whilst in Asia recently on the Costa Allegra we came across vessels belonging to Glenn Defense.

We were anchored in Chalong Bay, at the back of Phuket and overnight an American warship, the USS Ingraham, (No 61 on her hull), arrived. She was accompanied by a flotilla of vessels belonging to Glenn Defense.
There were as follows;
Glenn Admiral, an ocean going salvage tug.
Glenn Victory, a passenger tender.
Glenn Supply, a small tanker.
Glenn California and
Glenn Patriot, both harbour type tugs.
Glenn Ocean Support, a cargo tender vessel.
The last vessel was tied up to the warship. The rest were anchored nearby.
They are all painted like navy ships and all had a blue band with crest on the funnel.

Who is this outfit and why so many ships for one little warship.

Are they a navy version of blackwater.

I have checked their website which tells you nothing usefull.

Rgds/Mike (hilifta)

P/s, I have posted this on another website with virtually no response and no new info.
Hopefully someone here knows something about them.

14th February 2010, 12:13
Website tells you quite a lot really, and a little bit of reading between the lines tells you a lot more!